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Malibu pilates chair

pilates chair - The Malibu Pilates Body Workouts

To keep you motivated along the way to your best body ever, there are a variety of programmes to do on your Malibu Pilates Chair. Here is a review of the different workouts found on the DVDs and Wallchart:

Malibu Pilates Basic Fundamentals DVD - This brief, yet informative video demonstrates proper form and gives you step-by-step instructions on how to utilise the Pilates principles during your workout on the chair. This section will also familiarise you with cueing and direction. Review this programme when you are starting out or need a refresher course on what proper form is. This DVD runs for approximately 10 minutes.

Malibu Pilates - 20 Minute Makeover Moves DVD - This workout will shape and tone your entire in just minutes a day. If you're always running late or are always short of time, this workout is perfect if you just need a "quick Fix", or if you just want to keep your workout on the shorter side. Now you can make over your body in as little as 20 minutes. Running time = 20 minutes.

Total Dream Body Workout DVD - You can pick up the pace by combining challenging cardio segments (called Cardio Blasts) with super-effective body-sculpting moves. The Total Dream Body Workout will chisel your entire body and tone those trouble spots, while simultaneously delivering a great calorie and fat-burning workout. Running time = 45.

Mari Winsor's Dynamic Sequencing Workout DVD - Renowned Pilates Instructor Mari Winsor delivers her special sequence of exercises, that keeps your body working to shed pounds and inches. Add this special programme for variety and body-slimming results. Running time = 20 minutes.

Malibu Pilates 10 Makeover Moves Poster - This is a great poster to hang where you use your chair. The exercise sequence can stand alone as its own workout, or you can use it as a reference guide for proper form and breathing.